Job Update

August 5, 2010

Not to keep you guys in suspense about the job interview, I mean, it went well. But they are asking me to take an $18,000.00 pay cut and Wifebian and I are having a hard time wrapping our collective head around that. That, and the fact that Wifebian and I might have to live apart for a few months until she finds a job in Asheville with insurance.

I have a second interview this coming Monday. I want to take the job, Wifebian does not. The household is rife with conversations about money, debt, love, kids, home ownership and marriage.

We should all, like, secretly tape record our marital money talks and post them on our blogs. We can call it Money Mondays and be amazed by the depth and breadth of our collective sufferings, our collective possibilities.

I mean, how do people do this stuff? Jobs, insurance, kids . . . Oh, yeah.

They get married and then they get a job and then they get insurance and then they get their wife insurance and then they move together to their new city and then they knock up their wife for free!

(You think that bemoaning your lot by comparing yourself to your heteroseuxal counterparts will make you feel better, but actually it doesn’t. And it makes your heterosexual counterparts feel bad.

Sorry, heterosexual counterparts.)

Hey! Didja hear about California?