With Whom

August 16, 2009

I am sitting on a patio out back listening to the bugs, drinking a beer and Facebooking. Lauren is in the basement livingroom doing I don’t know what. I am feeling satisfied and content.

My little SIL and MIL are having some pretty serious differences. Mostly about boyfriends and food. When me, Lauren, and MIL arrived at the ribbon cutting for little SILs new school today, little SIL, all twenty-four years of her, said to Lauren, loud enough for MIL to hear, “Why did you bring mom?” Earlier this afternoon, they had a lunch together that ended with little SIL getting up and walking out of the restaurant.

I’m riffing on families tonight and on the Carolinas. On how this is where I will start my own family. And how this is the family with whom I will do it.