I am either getting pregnant or getting sick.

What’s the difference between heartburn and indigestion? Is indigestion the bigger category and heartburn the sub category? I think I was pregnant on Sunday and sick on Monday. Sunday, I had that dream and I felt ever so slightly queezy and burpy, with a lump in my throat or tightness in my chest almost all day. And I was basically positive that I was pregnant. I went into two baby stores with zero ambivalence or trepidation. It was like walking on inconsequential sunshine. A big fat PUPO was me. Today, Monday, everything just felt like allergies with a side of burpy. My nose was runny. Or was it . . . pregnancy rhinitis?

Testing. I surged on the 13th, so let’s say I ovulated on the 14th. Ten day test lands on Saturday. I have a doctor’s appointment at the fertility clinic on Friday afternoon, should I just ask for a blood test, if insurance will cover it? Wifebian says she wants a blood test because she wants to be sure.

Isn’t that cute, how she wants to be sure about something? Very cute.

Called the HSA today. They cover shipping. This is the second person who has told me they cover everything, but the first person whose information I have taken down. We have more than enough money left for another try in May and if we kick in 80 bucks of our own, we can order a total of six 1 cc vials. Assuming we could do two IUIs of 3 ccs, I think that would be a fitting finale to this round of baby-making.

Unless of course I’m getting pregnant right now at this very moment.


Cycle Day 17 Million

April 12, 2010

Still no surge. Using digital OPK’s to monitor this little problem is going to become unsustainable from a financial perspective; we are 65 bucks in for the month. I guess I should buy a thermometer and hope to find a temp spike? I wanted to give up entirely and just wait for my period, but then I realized that I actually need to know when this egg drops.

My bubble is burst. I was really pleased that I had a regular cycle going for me in all this. Let me bullet some thoughts and get ready for jury duty.

  • Maybe we wont try again next month and save our money for whatever fantastic intervention we cook up for next year when the HSA is replenished
  • If we dont try again next month, I can submit receipts for all these digital tests, thermometers and unrelated doctor’s visits
  • If we dont try again, I’ll have money left over to pay the HSA when they realize I ‘ve been charging shipping to the account
  • Maybe we will keep trying past May; I’ll be making 500-600 dollars more per month because of the raise
  • Maybe I should just start saving that money up to move back North

We will do the pussy dump tonight. Wifebian wants to do one Tuesday too, but I’m having some psychological-type feelings about putting a bunch of gizz in my cooch for any reason that is not highly apparent. I cant quite put my finger on these thoughts, but I am very grateful that I have had sex with boys and like boys and in some distant past appreciated and enjoyed sperm. Otherwise I might be feeling super traumatized by this whole pussy dump thing.

Good News

January 21, 2010

ADP approved the sperm shop purchases!

But will they pay for shipping? Only one way to find out!