I tried to take it easy on my anniversary trip but then I went and got a job interview at an agency a half hour away from Asheville. This is one of those agencies that is approved by that government program that will pay off 60,000 dollars of my student loans. Also, known as all of my loans. I currently pay 500.00 dollars a month in student loans.

They called me back within two hours of getting my resume and, actually, the lady on the other end sounded kind of breathless. She said, “Well if the owners of the company dont have any questions, then we can probably get your paperwork together on Monday.”

Is my life really about to change this much and this quickly?


100 Bullets

March 27, 2010

  • I might go to Charleston tomorrow
  • I don’t like light beer, but I’m drinking it
  • I’m not pregnant
  • I’m really excited to find a job in Baltimore that is funded by the NHSC
  • Sometimes I wish I hadnt given this url to my friends; the only people I know how to be vulnerable around are strangers
  • I sailed through this two week wait like nothing; Wifebian took the hit this time, be it briefly and within normal limits
  • I feel like I am wildly out of touch with everything and everyone that is important to me
  • I had this really daunting encounter with some ethical shit this week at work and didnt live up to the version of myself I have in my head
  • In the past year, I have developed the most disheartening array of aches and pains in my knuckles, knees and hips
  • I miss going to Quaker Meeting
  • I don’t know if I am cut out for this whole wanting-something-I-don’t-have deal
  • I spent my tax return on Wifebian’s sister’s baby shower, my credit card, car insurance, a haircut (next Friday) and a side view mirror. And a shirt from Target
  • The management company is coming next Friday to fix the drain in the tub
  • Wifebian’s sister tagged me in a photo of her 4D sonograms
  • I wanted to untag myself from it, because at the end of the day, the thing is just creepy
  • Then I realized she only tagged her husband, mom, dad, sisters and dead brother in the photo, so I couldnt bail gracefully
  • The Wellbutrin is officially not working
  • I have started taking pictures of old or interesting signs with names or initials on them, as well as tractor trailers and utility vans with names or initials on them
  • Of the things I have accomplished since moving into this southern most basement of my soul, I am most proud of this blog
  • Another southernism, this time to describe a person of slight stature: as big as a minute.
  • Last Monday, I cleaned the house and it has stayed clean; I must not be that depressed
  • I still havent returned the sperm tank. Gay sperm man would like me to do that
  • This is bullet 23
  • I think my nose is getting bigger. And that a ridge is developing down the middle of it.
  • I am not attending Wifebian’s sister’s baby shower this weekend. Because it is the fourth of four and I have already attended two
  • If I don’t get pregnant, I wish I could become one of those fabulous childless-by-choice people, but Wifebian would rather die
  • When I was 20, I read Molly Peacock’s Paradise, Piece by Piece
  • My biological mother’s uncle sent me a Facebook message last week saying, “Hi Mrs. Basement, Just wanted to say hello, and that you were on my mind. Sorry I shut down on you but there was a lot going on for me and my head wasn’t into the 99 question thing. I would like to be able to keep in touch with you and thru time, share some things with you. It was all happening a bit too quickly for me, so what I did was shut down on you, and for that I’m sorry, it’s a coping skill I have. So with all that said, I just wanted to say Hi, J. and I and another couple are going away for a well deserved long weekend. won’t be aound until next week…Take care, J
  • I said, “Thanks for that.”
  • The boys who live upstairs just came home, with their girls and their voices
  • I think the reason the two week wait was such a breeze was not so much because I was off the internet, because I wasnt, but because I wasn’t temping, wasnt then entering my temperature onto FF and wasnt then blogging about how I felt about the temperatures
  • Split though my ends may be, my hair still looks great
  • The next ten bullets will be positive and about positive things
  • On Tuesday, my supervisor’s hair looked great
  • If I get pregnant, this apartment will make a fantastic nest
  • I am so proud that my car is tidy
  • Wifebian let me hide her credit card!
  • I just bought a pack of my favorite pens
  • All of my mileage and reimbursements are up-to-date in the system at work and I think I will make productivity this month, too — for the first time!
  • My second boyfriend’s mother just started messaging me through Facebook. This is positive because I love her
  • Today, a coworker sent me a Facebook message saying, “I like your profile pic. They never really have very much personality. Yours does.” And I quite agree with her
  • I am now dishing with my ex-boyfriend’s mother about the fertility problems he is having with his wife. This is positive because it is ridiculous
  • I didnt make it to ten positive things or even fifty bullets
  • But I did have two light beers
  • And it is 1:00AM
  • Congratulations, President Obama

I called my credit card company today because I noticed over the weekend that my APR is 25.99%. The guy said that my APR used to be 7.74 percent, but then, I made a late payment in July and they increased it.

I’m so angry, I could crawl out of my skin.