December 6, 2009

I’ve cracked. She’s cracked.

We’ve got to move. Moving is the middle ground. I either smash my career, finances and family planning all to hell by moving to San Francisco right now or lose my mind in this basement.

Especially after actually inseminating this month and actually being able to imagine half of what it would be like to sling sperm in this house . . . and we didnt even inseminate with the added bonus of delivery shenanigans. (Delivery shenanigans = sperm being shipped to her sister’s house 15 minutes across the border due to restrictive laws that prevent shipping of biological materials to this state.)

I mean, I folded her father’s underwear this afternoon, but not after her mother folded her binder. Not that that’s why we cracked, but still.

This has gone too far. It has to stop.

And so, “basement baby” becomes “two bedroom one bathroom baby”.

And thats OK by me.

We look at two places tomorrow night and are aiming for a move in date of January 1st.

We’ll just have to pay off the credit cards some other time.


A Tale of Two Cybils

August 19, 2009

The day after making that post, me, my hersbian, and my mil went out to dinner. Everyone was in a good mood. Talking about the events of the day, as well as yesteryear. MIL wasn’t silent, I wasn’t bratty, wifebian wasn’t talking ad nauseum about school.

Waiting for dinner to come, digging on wine, beer, iced tea and appetizers mil mentioned that her father’s last name was Barret. I said, “That’s a great name, we should tell [middle sil]” “Yes,” she said, making eye contact and smiling. Middle sil is trying to conceive. Her baby names and reproductive health are a subject of consistent conversation.

I said, “What do you think about Cybil as a baby name?”

“You’re thinking about that as a baby name,” she said.

“Uh-huh. I mean, I imagine it would be complicated with [fil]’s mom being named Cybil and that relationship being so complicated and then, there’s the passed away Cybil (mil’s mother) being so dear and so missed.”

“Well, you know, they are spelled differently,” she said.

And that was it for that.

After 3 Stellas,

August 16, 2009

I would like to name a baby girl Cybil Rue and call her Cy.