October 28, 2010

I am writing from the public library which is a very . . . male environment with certain . . . smells, but one of the men has a wee baby next to him and doesnt appear to have any smells of note to a bystander. This helps remind me that we are all in this together, even at the library.

But libraries certainly arent the place where one can unwind and type the heart of her life out. Wifebian and I havent decided about whether we will spring for internet at home, yet. Hopefully, our neightbors will let us slip them some cash in exchange for their wi-fi security code.

I do have a baby-related rough draft of a post ready for you guys, describing certain . . . feelings regarding the doing of another’s woman’s daughter’s hair at the wedding I attended last week. It is poignant and incisive.

Otherwise, these days, I just worry irrationally and not about starting up baby-making again. For example, how am I going to come up with $2,000, become insured, register at the sperm bank and find a baby doctor by December 1st? I also have a daydream in which I invite  carpenter over to our one-bedroom apartment and pay him to build a loft to sleep foster children, one that DSS will approve of.

Or her. Or her to build.

Wifebian dropped charges against the neighbor because she felt bad. The restraining order is good until December. We have been in the new house almost one week and will be moved out of the old house by Halloween. The kitchen is unpacked. We ate dinner at the home of a new friend last night. 

And, I voted today. And got a public library card. The contentment and democracy are oozing out of me.

The wife, the dog and the house are all very content, too.


The End Almost

October 19, 2010


We pick up the keys tomorrow. Thanks heavens and hell and the Earth in between.


New apartment found. Ten times better than last one. Move in10/20. Hiding out from patriarchy in luxurious cabin run by lesbian mountain syndicate of guerilla feminists. No wi-fi on lap top. Miss blogging.