One of the major drawbacks of this blog — well, there are two. *Two* of the major drawbacks of this blog are 1.) I won’t be posting pictures with entries and 2.) I wont be posting pictures of us.

There won’t be pictures with entries because my photography skills aren’t strong enough to carry a photo without faces and bodies in it. There won’t be pictures of faces and bodies because I’m working this blog from an anonymous angle.

Which is really too bad because me and my wife are really very attractive.

The other thing you should be sad about, since I can write a mean dating website profile,  is that I will never again write a dating website profile. Let me take  some of those skills out on you right here, though, what with there not being any pictures.

I look like a combination of Claire Danes, Gwen Stefani, and Anna Chlumsky if that combination dressed as though they shopped at Ross.  Or, as though that combination was a social worker. Occasionally, an acquaintance will  tell me I look like this awesome chick they used to know as in, “Doesnt she remind you of so-and-so?” So-and-so is usually better paid, but not as brave as I am. Or, as brave as I used to be.

The wife looks like a cross between Isabella Rosselini and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Wifebian, aka the wife, wears her hair like David Beckham, mohawked. I wear my hair like any young actress these days — long, wavy and luscious in a non-descript way.  She has broad shoulders, I have broad hips. We both have short nails and are of short stature. And we are white. And fifteen pounds overweight.

But don’t get me wrong, we aren’t, like, twins or anything.

Clearly, the best part of this blog will be when we can post pictures of our baby without blowing our cover.


One Response to “For the Visual Learners”

  1. beth copper said

    however i will continue to employ you to write my dating website profiles-your work is masterful!

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