New apartment found. Ten times better than last one. Move in10/20. Hiding out from patriarchy in luxurious cabin run by lesbian mountain syndicate of guerilla feminists. No wi-fi on lap top. Miss blogging.


We Have an Address!

September 11, 2010

Sweet Please

September 7, 2010

The house hunt is only getting rougher. So far, we got nothing. The gnome house ended up not accepting pets. Then, two management companies told us on Friday that they would be showing on Monday, only to tell us Monday, once we had made the 2 hour drive, that they were not showing. Also, Asheville may be touted as dog friendly, but 75% of its landowners are not, not, not.

New plan. Work our asses off to get credit checks complete and appointments scheduled, show up Friday, look at 2 or 3 houses and sign a lease. Wifebian starts work Monday!!!

I would post pictures of our current favorites, to keep the magic alive for you guys, but none of the photos are postable by technology-not-savvy me. Finally, if we can’t find a place, we will stay at Sweet Peas. A lovely, new, clean hostel right downtown. Is the magic still alive for you if I post a picture of our hostel?

(Even though they are above a bar? And hand out ear plugs upon check-in?)