Sent to You By Anti-Patriarchy Android Connexxion

October 13, 2010


New apartment found. Ten times better than last one. Move in10/20. Hiding out from patriarchy in luxurious cabin run by lesbian mountain syndicate of guerilla feminists. No wi-fi on lap top. Miss blogging.


5 Responses to “Sent to You By Anti-Patriarchy Android Connexxion”

  1. prettyisa said

    That looks awesome. Glad you’re out of the old place and holing up with sympathetic folk until you can move into your lovely new treehouse.

  2. Ms. Loaf said

    This was an awesome post. Yay yay yay for new apartment that is better, but sucky that you have to move AGAIN.

  3. Halfadozen said

    I can not believe that you get to live in the forest like that! AWESOME! It looks like a perfect little treehouse… With the added bonus of letting the psycho stalker eat your dusk…

    Oh, and btw, hi! I have read you. but never commented. So thought I would de-lurk for a sec and say hello.

  4. Halfadozen said

    Oops, meant to say eat your DUST. Not dusk.

  5. On the plus side, that looks gorgeous. I miss those mountains.

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