Beer Ice Cream and Other Untried Local Delights

October 1, 2010

Last night was Wifebian’s back to school night. I brought her dinner and the dog, who romped around with another teacher’s dog, a 60 pound, blue-eyed cattle-something mutt-puppy named Blueberry. I met one of her families, a white Jewish family with a pretty disturbed kid. From what my antennas tell me, the kid’s mom is not just straight. And dad is a religious official attached to a local institution. (Had to go to Miriam Webster for that circumlocuting verbage, can’t be too specific, small town, you know where I live.) Anyway, I was very touched by their struggle and their awesome personalities. They also told us about dog parks and where we can find beer ice cream.

I am going through a technology renaisance as of late. With my smart phone I am exploring the nooks and crannies of Twitter and Foursquare marvelling at the ways in which this little mini calling-computer changes the game. Wifebian has been video-chatting with her sister via gmail. I contemplate questions like, “What’s the difference between a Tweet and a status update?” and “If Facebook has a placefinder, what’s the particular benefit of Foursquare?” The primary impediment to total enjoyment of all of these place-loving, extemporaneous social network fun and games is my lack of a social network. A local one, anyway.

Here’s hoping.  

Also, I havent quite been able to figure out how to enable comments on my Tumblr blog. I’m using Disqus and something’s just not clicking. So, I’m not quite at home there, yet.

In terms of our adjustment to this real home, we are still focused on our jobs. We are rounding out the tail-end of week two. Wifebian is a special education teacher in a full-time BED classroom and is getting hit, kicked and bit at least once a week. I am still in training at my job which is probably going to be super-cushy. (The perfect job for getting pregnant in.) But I dont have a sense of the ebbs and flows of working 3 twelve-hour night shifts. I go into my first night-shift cycle tonight at 8:00 PM and dont come out until Monday at 3 because I am getting off work and driving three hours round trip to do an assessment with my other job.  

Plus, we havent seen much of Asheville because we are broke. But then, Wifebian’s former and current employers both paid her for a full month of work in September, so we are now in the money and things are looking up.

The apartment is a mess, my car smells bad and we have at least six loads of dirty laundry piled in the bedroom with no washer/dryer in sight, but my mind has slowed down a little and is being nicer to me, and the knots in my back have been gone for a while.

The mountains are beautiful.

UPDATE: I fixed the comments! Go to the non – anonymous site  and say something about stinkbugs! It will make my day!


3 Responses to “Beer Ice Cream and Other Untried Local Delights”

  1. Schroedinger said

    Uhh, that’s kind of like a pizza donut– two great tastes that really should never be together 😉 Things seem to be coming together for y’all. Any resolution in sight re: teh sperm prioblem? There IS a website (forgive me, I am at work and cannot google things like “free sperm”) that matches willing donors to recipients– I think all you have to do is pay for shipping. I can’t remember where I read about it. Might be worth checking into.

  2. Danielle said

    Hey we live in AVL, we should sight see together! we’ve been here a year and still havent seen much….

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