Asheville Update Sperm Edition

September 18, 2010

So, a 5th grade teacher at Wifebian’s new school is actually our new sperm donor, in disguise. The reason I know this is that he is newly married and in possession of a three month old baby by open adoption. Also, and perhaps most revealing as to his true identity, he is gay and lives down the street from us.

Let the fresh buckets of sperm rain down upon me now; I love Asheville.

But also, he is from Seattle.

Oh, shit!

Dan Savage is our new next door neighbor!


3 Responses to “Asheville Update Sperm Edition”

  1. isa said

    That sounds perfect! Now just make sure he’s not secretly crazy before you sweet talk him into handing over the goods.

  2. Kate said

    Have you ever thought of just going to the source and asking Dan Savage himself? I saw him once. It was weird to place a face with the writing and podcasts I’ve come to know. He’s not a looker, but he’s not bad.

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