Please Think of Me Tomorrow at 10 AM. Or Maybe 10:30.

September 12, 2010

I’m absolutely sure tomorrow morning is going to be a complete shit show. Here’s why:

1.) The client’s mom is spanish-speaking

2.) Her kid, also Spanish-speaking, has been in jail or a psychiatric hospital since May and she hasnt lifted a finger to fix it

3.) The interpreter talks about quitting every other day

4.) The address that the parent gave us doesnt match the address that Google maps gives us

5.) I invited the case manager without telling anyone. (She’s Black American English speaker.)

6.) The interpreter needs to change the appointment to 10:30 because our supervisor would like her to attend an 8:00AM meeting and a 9:00AM meeting

7.) The interpreter told me she would call by the end of the day to let me know if she had been able to change the appointment with the kid’s mom from 10 to 10:30

8.) She hasnt called or responded to texts

9.) I decided to turn an hour long appointment into a two hour appointment without telling the parent or the interpreter

10.) I am trying to get 3 hours of work done in those two hours

11.) Except it’s six hours of work if you figure interpretation takes twice as long

12.) And finally, I ‘ve decided to drink 3 Blue Moons at midnight to address the falling asleep problem I’m having

So, like I said, think of me . . .it doesn’t really matter if you start thinking of me at 10 or 10:30, cause this craziness is sure to last until dinner . . . if mom doesnt cancel again.

That’s right, Mr. Smearcase, I said “mom” instead of “his mom”.


2 Responses to “Please Think of Me Tomorrow at 10 AM. Or Maybe 10:30.”

  1. Schroedinger said

    Good luck! (10:39 a.m., EDT)
    I hope that things are going, and going as smoothly as can be hoped.

  2. MWK said

    Oh goodness I am late to the party but i hope it went better than you thought it would.

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