Gay in the World, Gay at Home

September 8, 2010

Or should I say “femme”?

There’s a black butch lesbian at work on whom I have a terrible crush. She reminds me that I have a sexual orientation. A very specific and powerful one. Usually, I just say, you know, “I’m bisexual, I think everyone is beautiful.” But it’s not true. Everyone is not as beautiful as a small handful of rare, rare creatures, who are super beautiful. And that’s what a sexual orientation feels like. Most people have 50% of the population to chose from. But I have, like, .5%, so I come across them much less often. But, I love every single last one of them. Well, thats not true either, but you know what I mean.

I come home and tell Wifebian about the new and exciting, but terribly uncomfortable, ways in which we flirt. (Imagine being a kinky queer and attending a training on sex offenders and sexual paraphilias with your work crush.) Then, Wifebian and I wax poetic about our relationship, our styles, our preferences, our turn-ons. Us. Us before. Us now. Us in the future.

I love us.


5 Responses to “Gay in the World, Gay at Home”

  1. isa said

    I think the nicest part about being queer is being able to be so open about who else you find attractive. My wife and I have gone through a whole series of discussions about whether we would ever open our relationship up (no.) and now mostly content ourselves with teasing each other about our various crushes–she on our friends, me on our foxy doctor.

  2. Angie said

    shit. i love you guys, too.

    my work crush is a 55-year-old salt and pepper hottie who brings in our water cooler bottles each month. and he’s not even all that hot. it’s slim pickins round these parts.

  3. Mina said

    I wish I had someone to crush on once in a while, I work with gossipy, older women in the throes of menopause.

    Besides, I’m definitely into the butch/femme dynamic, so my eye candy is definitely limited as a whole in general. Sigh.

  4. Sarah said

    Sorry I didn’t say this the first time I read it, but I remembered this post this morning and had to come back and smile.

    That is what beautiful blogging looks like. Making someone sift back through an archive to find something someone else said better than you can say yourself.


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