San Francisco of the East

September 2, 2010

Going to Asheville today to house hunt. I’m noticing that some people dont actually know about Asheville, like they think I’m moving to a goat farm. I told a coworker today that there was a hospital (or four) there and she was shocked.

At any rate, I thought this was a lovely picture of Asheville and that I might share it with you.


8 Responses to “San Francisco of the East”

  1. A. said

    It looks beautiful!

  2. Nicole said

    Funny, I’ve been to Asheville and still had no idea it was that big.

    • mrsbasement said

      70,000 people! And it has a long history of mental health facilities and tuberculosis sanatoriums (fresh mountain air) which accounts for all of the health care. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, Zelda, died in a fire while she was institutionalized in Asheville. Probably schizophrenic, I think she was.

  3. metalstork said

    My circle of peeps in Boston has been known to wax poetic about “dreamy Ashville” and the “peaceful life down there.” I hope it’s both of those things for you.

  4. MWK said

    I don’t comment much, but: many of my in-laws live around Asheville and really love it. My sister-in-law, who is fabulous, lives up in the mountains about half an hour away in a community of quakers and musicians. It is really great. Also, there is a really, really good Caribbean restaurant in Asheville. I think you will enjoy it there (and I hope you get the Gnome house).

    • mrsbasement said

      quakers and musicians!? where! also make that there restaurant recommendation. I am quickly becoming dependent on chai pani and they are not very reliable!

  5. MWK said

    They live in Ceelo, NC, but I am waaay to directionally disoriented to tell you anything else about where that is. If you ever get invited to a music fest called “Predfest” you should do – it takes place in the ampitheatre on my sister-in-law’s property. The Arther Morgan school (a quaker boarding school) is in the same “town.” The restaurant has a stupid name but the website is here:
    Good luck finding a place!

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