Quotes from a First Anniversary

August 3, 2010

We: (kissing).

Me: (in the driveway, in the driver’s seat, on the way to Asheville, all packed and ready to go.) I mean, how do people ever break up? How could people feel this way one year and then end of breaking up because I just love you so much right now.

She: (offers me a mint.) Here, you need this.


We: (laying in bed after nookie.)

Me: Did you bring your knife?

She: No, I just brought the strap-on. That would be great though to [insert terribly kinky thing here] every year, that would be so romantic.

Me: Yeah, totally, but I was thinking that I want to turn this dress into a shirt and I needed your knife.


2 Responses to “Quotes from a First Anniversary”

  1. Nicole said

    I’m so glad you have this blog because that’s just too good to keep to yourself. Happy Anniversary.

  2. Angie said

    Yea, what Nicole said.

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