You Can Get With This Or You Can Get With That

July 21, 2010

Wifebian and I are talking about Asheville, again. Out of the blue, she had a blind panic about Baltimore because she basically hates Baltimore and was trying to suppress the bile all these months and just, like, go along for the ride in a supportive, pleasant, wifely way. I found two agencies that offer NHSC jobs near Asheville and sent my resume.

Also, we are going up to DC the first week in August to get legally married. We will hit Asheville just for a few hours, as a “pre-honeymoon”, do DC for the five days it will require to get married (and to ask our friend to give us his sperm). And then head to Baltimore for a two-night “honeymoon”.

I’m trying to find something festive to wear in shades of red. Kind of like Elizabeth Stephens’ and Annie Sprinkles’ Love Art Lab. But I’ve gained ten pounds since last year and the money is not exactly flowing right now. I do have these red, high-heeled mules, but Wifebian hates! them because, well, they arent very classy. She likes classy.

So, yes, Asheville. Let’s start a new blogroll, shall we?


13 Responses to “You Can Get With This Or You Can Get With That”

  1. Angie said

    Woo hoo! Honeymoon in Baltimore! You must go to Salt if you haven’t already. It is classy, wifebian will love it. Plus, they’re now open on Sundays.

    You know, I think they’re showing movies outside on the mall in DC. That would be super romantic as long as the humidity decides to calm the ef down.

  2. metalstork said

    asheville! i like it. not that i’ve been but i hear about it endlessly from the indie boy in my life. have fun in dc and i hope you find the perfect red. i saw love art lab when i lived in london at this tiny art house…such a blast.

  3. LPC said

    I like the sound of Asheville.

  4. Lipstick said

    Sounds like you have a busy time planned! Hope all goes well with the KD. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

  5. jen said

    Asheville is an awesome city! My parents live up there and I would move too if I could convice the wife. It’s a beautiful town with a small town liberal feel to it. Congrats on the wedding and I hope you get the sperm and the color red that you’re looking for.

  6. Ruby said

    Asheville is a cool place.

  7. Asheville is divoon. It’s low-pressure, it’s pretty/in a good climate zone, I hear it’s pretty progressive (given that it’s in North Carolina and yes I’m from the south so I’m not saying this out of yankee generalization) and it’s not too far from Knoxville or Charlotte if you need the amenities of a mid-size city.

  8. wesley said

    Hey thanks for including me in your blogroll. You’ll love Asheville–full of character and contradictions.

  9. emily kate said

    I’m curious which one you’ll choose. I love the idea of both, but always lean towards Baltimore in my move-somewhere-else-immediately fantasies. All of those cheap, gorgeous houses and narrow little streets full of seafood I won’t eat but love to look at, you know. But then Asheville is a little island fortress of liberalism on top of a mountain, so that’s romantic, too….

  10. kate said

    I loved living in Asheville and I have dreams of moving back there one day. It’s beautiful, affordable, liberal. It has a pretty significant gay community…compared to say, Charlotte. You might call it an enclave. But Baltimore is far more urban…which in some ways seems more your speed and wifebians. I’m curious about her distaste for Baltimore. What’s up with that?

    • mrsbasement said

      She lived there during a very difficult year and equates it with heroin addicts and people who poop in public places.

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