Like It When I Love

July 21, 2010

We went to another foster care orientation tonight. I might not be able to be a foster parent for this agency because they own my agency, but we’ll see. We like the recruiter, who didnt flinch when she called us a couple.

We found out that our preferred wedding officiant won’t be a valid official in DC for another 12 weeks. Great! We can put off our wedding and go to MAPP classes all week ! (Those exclamation points are sarcastic.)

We were filling out this self assessment about “Are You Ready for Foster Care?” The assessment was really well done. It prompted me to call my mom and put her on speaker phone because one of the questions was like, “What does your family think?” And I was like, “Well I dont tell my family shit about shit.”

But, my mom was so smart about everything. Supportive, level-headed, realistic and prudent. In the face of Wifebian’s runaway enthusiasm, I really needed that conservative back-up.  Wifebian was much more receptive to my mom’s reservations, even when we were voicing the same concerns. I was more grateful for my mom tonight than I can remember being in recent and not-so-recent history. I even had to give her a shout-out on Facebook. I really like it when I love my mom.


2 Responses to “Like It When I Love”

  1. cransell said

    The good news is the DC marriage license never expires, so if you get it this trip, you can still be married in some future trip. Or your can find another officiant. But you have options!

  2. Lipstick said

    It is always great to meet someone that validates and affirms you as a couple, and the littlest things can do it. Sorry to hear about the hiccup in the wedding plans. Also, I love when moms know just what to say.

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