Six Babies Down, Four More To Go

July 14, 2010

Picture Frame Baby

Thermostat Baby

And my favorite, OPK Baby.


5 Responses to “Six Babies Down, Four More To Go”

  1. Angie said

    thermobabe is my fave

  2. Laurah said

    this is making my day.

  3. missa said

    I dunno, i like the fertility/pregnancy/crazy-making paraphernalia A baby mos def belongs in there. so sweet, your little treasure hunt and not to elusive. just the way your baby should be.

  4. alimis said

    OPK baby is my favorite as well. Such a cute way to spend a 2ww.

  5. Elizabeth said

    I’m a thermostat baby fan! Aesthetically it’s the most rad!

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