Family Ring Baby, Candle Baby, Keyboard Baby

July 13, 2010

If youll recall, our gift to the maybe baby this month is wacky fun. Wifebian has placed ten small plastic babies in plain sight throughout the house. So far, I have found eight out of ten babies. Happening upon them in the middle of some unsuspecting moment has been super delightful. Quite romantic, really. Like, I went to thermostat the other day to turn it up because Wifebian is a freezer freak, so I’m a bit peeved and: Whah-la! There’s a baby. And I smile.  I’ll show you the thermostat picture tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Family Ring Baby, Candle Baby, Keyboard Baby”

  1. Angie said

    Ohh la la! What cute little suprises. It’s like having Mardi Gras and King Cake everyday minus the cake…. unless Wifebian hid one in the cake!

  2. my mother and i had a similar game, only with a series of lifelike rubber cockroaches. (her best move: inside pizza box; my best move: inside pill bottle.)

    your way is a little bit cuter.

  3. That sounds like an awesome game. Cute tiny babies everywhere!

    Also, to Bionic, that sounds like something my mother and I would do.

  4. Anna said

    This is too cute!

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