Un-American Activities

July 8, 2010

Tonight, as I was filling up my car, I let my fingers rest lightly against the hose that led to the tank.  Because the gushing gas made the hose quiver, I imagined the hose was a bird.

Also, Wifebian has chickenpox. Did you know they have a vaccine for that now? I didnt! Can you imagine not ever getting the chicken pox? That’s like . . . an un-American activity for kids.


4 Responses to “Un-American Activities”

  1. Angie said

    i always thought the chicken pox was a rite of passage. because in 2nd grade if you came back from a week off with “da pox” you earned your street cred. nobody fux with you after da pox.

  2. LPC said

    But having it as a grownup can be quite painful. xox to Wifebian.

  3. Sarah C. said

    I remember at 3 or 4 my mom and friend’s mom conspiring to get us kids together so my friend would give me chicken pox. We then spent the week eating dry cheerios, watching the Pink Panther cartoon and taking oatmeal baths.

  4. The Oven said

    The week my little brother and I had the chicken pox was the best week of my life (or, at least, at that point it was…. it’s not like you have a lot of life experience at age 5).

    I agree. A chicken Pox vaccine is un-American.

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