Weird Fun

July 3, 2010

As of this evening, I have not ovulated, which means I am not going to ovulate during the weekend when the doctor’s office is closed and therefore be forced to do lame-o vaginal inseminations at home. In other, more positive words, I am guaranteed two IUIs as of now. And if I can hold out until Monday morning, I will even get the midwife I like.

Also, in what may be the highlight of my career, I get to go to a week-long training on juvenile sex offenders. Seriously. Forty hours of free training on a subject that fascinates and engages me whereby I will become “certified” (by who, I dont know) to treat juvenile sex offenders and earn 40 hours of continuing education credit for my license. I’ll be attending the training during the second half of my two week wait. How weird and fun!

And finally, this month’s gift, the gift to the imaginary soul-ball eying us from the other side, well, that gift is fun. Wifebian is hiding 14 plastic babies the size of your finger tip all around the house and my challenge is to find them. It’s like an Easter egg hunt, but extended. And with plastic babies instead of plastic eggs. How weird. And fun!

Baby, you are getting born to weird and fun people.

Yup, weird fun. That’s what this baby-making is.


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