In Case You Had Suspicions That Maybe I Was the One With the Issues All Those Months Ago

June 25, 2010

For those of you that started reading the blog when my favorite pass-time and most essential function was to stew over my mother – in-law (with whom I was living), you might miss the steady stream of bile, recrimination and woe.

I  certainly don’t. However, since the middle sil has had her baby, it has required a lot of co-operation and and close quarters with MIL and of course the stories are starting to surface. For Wifebian’s sake, I will skip all of the fun filler (MIL: “The milk isnt warm enough.” Middle sil: “It just came out of my breast.”) and get right to the relevant part.

Remember how my MIL always loosened the dog’s harness, such that it hung to his knees? Remember how we asked her to stop loosening it every time we tightened it? And she said the harness was too tight and made the dog uncomfortable? Remember how the dog got scared, once, in  parking lot, pulled out of his baggy harness and ran into traffic? And how she still kept loosening the harness even after we told her about how the dog almost got killed?

The other day, middle sil and mil were loading the baby into the car and MIL proceeded to unlatch the harness, you know, the one keeps the baby in the car seat in the event of an accident, stating that it was too tight.

My case is so rested it’s in a coma.


10 Responses to “In Case You Had Suspicions That Maybe I Was the One With the Issues All Those Months Ago”

  1. Angie said

    you are a gentle soul for dealing with her. i fear i will be in your shoes rather soon.

  2. alimis said

    that makes me so anxious!

  3. Schroedinger said

    Augh! How did Middle SIL react? If anyone did that to my baby I would slap their hands right off their wrists.

  4. Wow. That is all I can say. Especially the part about the milk.

  5. mrsbasement said

    fucking. write about your own issues, wifey! seriously: 1) secret credit line that had been hidden from wifebian 2) she hasn’t said an ill word to you in weeks. why do you keep bring up old shit? 3) how you won’t buckle your seat belt in the car just b/c you want to hear wifebian whine about her dead brother and how much she if afraid you will die. what the fuck is up with that? 4) fucking make an appointment already and start taking lexapro you depressed little rodent.

    ps. i love you. seriously, i do. but be interesting already. you weren’t even there for the child seat incident~

  6. mrsbasement said

    also, i am d-r-u-n-k. – wifebian.

  7. mrsbasement said

    wifebian wishes i was nicer about her mom. and she’s drunk 🙂

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