Final Countdown

June 21, 2010

It’s cycle day one after a thirty day cycle and we’ve decided not to try again this month because we are already almost 1,000 dollars over budget, and we’ve decided to maybe not even try again until January when the HSA replenishes and even then, maybe not until we leave this state, which could be next summer. It could be that we don’t try again until I’m 34.

Then, again, I have every day until I’m old and gray to get out of this state, but only about 910 days to get pregnant.

So, maybe, I need to get my priorities straight.


3 Responses to “Final Countdown”

  1. ugh. sorry about CD1. i find it nearly impossible to face any kind of decision making on that particular day, and so i urge you to give yourself a bit of time before you set anything in stone.

  2. liberationtheory said

    I am sooooooooooo there with you. So there. I’m approaching 32 and have been at this for a couple of years now (though not non-stop). I also feel you with seeing the money literally slipping by. I’m on my “hail mary” cycle too until I can figure out how to use the new benefits I will get but can’t because of job scheduling.

    Here’s to us!

  3. Nicole said

    Ditto Bionic’s ugh. CD 1 sucks, even if you’re expecting it.

    We took a bit of a scheduled break from TTC and it’s mostly been really great. There’s definitely something liberating about knowing that you’re not trying, and of course you can always change your mind later.

    Oh, and for what it’s worth, having straight priorities is overrated I think šŸ™‚

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