Take Me Home

June 16, 2010

Work has been hard this week.

On Monday, I drove into a ditch. (Country roads don’t take me home.)

On Tuesday, a child vomited in my car. He said, “My stomach hurts,” and his mother ignored him. A few minutes later, I said, “Why dont you tell your mom how your stomach hurts?” He said, “I think I’m going to throw up,” as he threw up.

And that’s not even the work part.

On the internet, I read a post by this woman who was talking about how she is not cut out to work. And for the first time since becoming the kind of person who looks forward to the weekend, I became the kind of person who fantasizes about not working. But who wants to be married to someone who doesnt want to work? I mean, seriously. I understand doesnt Have to work, and I understand Can‘t work and also Wants to Work But Can’t Find a Job, and I even admire Taking a Year Off From Work, but who doesnt want to work? I mean, what kind of asshole just Doesnt Wanna Work?

This kind?

I did throw a helluva birthday weekend for the Wifebian. It included a horse riding lesson. Also, I rode a horse for the first time, too. A very slow, old horse who didnt really like to walk as fast as the other horses. Her name was Loretta, but I called her Lolo.

And finally, congratulations to Sarah and MB for getting Aurelia Josephine born.


6 Responses to “Take Me Home”

  1. Nicole said

    I absolutely love, love, love my job, but now that I’m on the last day of my week off I think I’d do just fine not working. I used to think that if I didn’t have to work I’d still want to, but now that I’m pushing 40…maybe not so much.

  2. Ms. Loaf said

    I want to work. I want to work hard, day and night, on my writing. But I do not want to have a job.

    My ex was the kind of person who didn’t want to work and was rather obstinate about getting a job, and it was annoying…

    but I think it’s the job part that you don’t want. Because you work hard. You are not a lazy person.

  3. fishina said

    Ouch. I’m hoping the off-roading did not lead to injury?
    Love my job but will always be at odds with anything I’m mandated to do. Besides, most things are best in moderation. Now, if I could work a little here, spend time w/ Melinda there, craft a little over there… sigh…. the good life.

  4. Meg said

    Ha! I love that since most people would be like, “Me! I don’t want to work!” Today I inquired amongst my co-workers about retirement, for example.

    Though clearly I like to work. Just not. At the cubical farm. But I ALWAYS knew that.

    I think what she meant was she liked to work *less* than her husband does. I like to work more than my husband does. So there is that.

  5. LPC said

    I always used to like working. Now that I am not working, I find I am working towards(ha!) structuring my not working as though it were work. So I guess, still, I like working. Although I feel like a lazy soul. I suppose this all begs the question, what is the definition of “work.” (?)

  6. reas said

    Wise words from my father’s friend:

    “No one *likes* to work. That’s why they call it “‘work'”.

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