News Cap

June 10, 2010

So, Wifebian’s birthday weekend has arrived and I better pay the bills now because there wont be any money left by Monday! Every day is jam packed with surprises and activities and I am so excited! I can’t wait to recap for youse. She is turning 31.

In other news:

There is none! No baby news, no family news and very little credit card news. Wifebian and I managed to transfer her balance onto a new zero interest card. I transferred my balance onto her old 16% interest card and my old 24.99% interest card can suck it.

Also, I’m going to Baltimore next weekend. Anybody wanna join me?

See you on Monday!


4 Responses to “News Cap”

  1. mrsbasement said

    email me your number :!


  2. Wasabi said

    When/if you move to B-more, you should look into whether you can benefit from the 10 yr public service forgiveness program on any edu debt. I think you said you are working at a for profit now, but if you change jobs…

    p.s. I’m a finances dork, email me with ?’s

  3. Meg said

    Sometimes no news is good news 🙂

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