Brick and Mortar Affection

June 8, 2010

I’ve been looking for a present for Sarah from Farmer Femme. Somewhere along the line my digital, dial-up connection to her experience morphed into brick and mortar affection and what better way to express the transformation than with a gift?

Something made of cotton or paper, perhaps.

But, alas, all retail outlets have failed me. And goodness knows I am too firmly grasped by the jaws of inertia to learn how to cross-stitch the baby-name-to-be onto something. Anything. Then, I got into a YouTube hole today and found this Ani Difranco video. And wouldnt you know its the best gift I’ve come across, so far.

That’s the thing with gifts, they never appear when I want to give them, and once they arrive, they arent always what I had in mind.

But, seriously, how great is this unembeddable video that I can’t seem to insert into this post for the life of me? (Go to You Tube and search “Ani DiFranco on being a Mindful Mama”.)

Sarah, may your birth be heaps of empowering, beautiful and transformative, with just enough sprinklings of “scary”, “hurtful” and “nightmarish” to flaunt your tuffness to the world.


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