Monday Afternoon Quickie

June 7, 2010

— Me and the gay sperm man talked. I mean, if he and I can’t get along, then why are we all so frustrated with the Israelis and the Palestinians? I wasnt 100% honest with him about how I felt condescended by his self-serving capriciousness when it came to his reasoning to offer free sperm, but in the end, we made nice.

— The potential friend of a friend said we would talk on Sunday, but they never called. Poor form. This week I will ask Wifebian to seriously consider asking our other friends sometime soon.

— I got a positive OPK this morning, but Wifebian and I have decided to skip this cycle because we would like to celebrate her birthday in style. Plus, next month, she wont be working and can attend the IUI and we will have money for the 7 day tank instead of the 1 day styrofoam box o’ dry ice.

— Off to meet my new clients!


One Response to “Monday Afternoon Quickie”

  1. Someone is walking around out there not knowing that he is The Gay Sperm Man!

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