Maybe They Are Talking About Clomid

May 25, 2010

Because of his shockingly sad numbers on the latest batch, I’m trying to squeeze some free sperm out of gay sperm man, so that’s why this is tagged try #6. I think there will be one more try, because it will only cost me 150 bucks. As opposed to 800.00 I’ve been trying to swing this particular capitulation since the day after insemination, but I havent mentioned it here because, well, I’m crafty and in control. I say who, I say when.

Not that I’m feeling out of control or anything.


One Response to “Maybe They Are Talking About Clomid”

  1. Nicole said

    Ahhh…control. I remember what it felt like to have that, or at least to THINK that I had it. No idea what that’s like any more.

    You are indeed crafty. No doubt that you’ll have gay sperm man’s credit card in hand and a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive in no time. Or trade all that for some sperm at a discount.

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