The Cloud and Its Lining

May 14, 2010

Reasons I’m going to get pregnant:

— I had an ICI and an IUI — more “invasive” inseminations than ever before!

— The internet says ovulation happens 36 hours after the shot, which would put my inseminations at 12 hours before and 14 hours after ovulation.

— The OPKs have been positive for at least four hours after the first insem until even now, 48 hours after the last insemination

— this is the last try in 2010

Reasons I’m not going to get pregnant:

— The doctor said ovulation happens 24 hours after the shot, putting my ICI insemination at ovulation and my IUI 24 hours after ovulation.

— I looked at the sperm count again. For some reason, I had 37 million in my head, but its actually, 20 million. The lab at the clinic said 20% of the spermies they had were swimming, which puts it at only 4 million sperms alive and kicking inside my vagina. Very, very low. (There is a big difference between 20 million and 4 million. Was sperm shop lying, inaccurate? Is this just natural variation from sample to sample?)

— I’ve been surging for 4 days, whats that about? Everything is screwy and nothing makes sense

— this is the last try in 2010


8 Responses to “The Cloud and Its Lining”

  1. Me said

    Hoping, hoping, hoping

  2. Angie said

    My grandma is the most faithful/spiritual woman I know. When she wants something to happen really bad she says , “I hope and I pray and I wish.” It covers all bases. Don’t want to get all godly on you, but I’m hoping and praying and wishing for you two.

  3. Schroedinger said

    Everything I have read (and I read a lot) about trigger says it forces O within 36-40h, so it sounds like your timing could have been right on– I’m hoping for you. BTW, also the sperm count, complete with percentage of actual straight-swimming nonmutants, sounds about average. The menz– it all about quantity, not quality with them, isn’t it?

  4. meridith said

    as for the numbers, it only takes one. it’s like 4 million awesome chances.

  5. Sarah said

    I didn’t ever IUI, but certainly considered it and everything I had read put it’s best chances in the 36 hour after O range.

    Also, I tried not to use opks after a trigger because like you, the hcg stayed in my system For Ever. Not really an indication of when you actually ovulated.

    4 million still seems like a lot of chances. Don’t get down on the troops. Smaller armies have done more.


  6. I enjoy your blog very much. The candor and honesty is refreshing and wonderful. THank you for sharing your journey! As Angie said: I’m wishing, hoping and praying for you and the Wifebian!

  7. dangerjane said

    I am keeping my fingers and pretty much every other body part I have (and some I don’t) crossed for you!

  8. Ms. Loaf said

    I am also wishing hoping and praying for you.

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