You Must Be Nervous

May 13, 2010

The second IUI was awesome. The lady walked in, a different one, extended her hand and said, with a big smile, “Hi, my name is Awesome Lady and you must be nervous.”

I positively melted.

I said that I *was* nervous, asked her if she had heard about yesterday, extended my hand and said, “Awesome Lady, I like you!”

She was short and round with short hair. She was wearing dangly earrings with tiny abalone stars and moons. It wasnt until I was in her office afterward that I saw her credentials: CNMW.

The IUI still hurt like hell. I mean back arched, noises comin’ out me, loud, furious deep breathing exercises. And there was blood everywhere. Like, the assistant lady had to wipe it off the floor. But Awesome Lady Midwife was finished in a flash.

Wifebian wore the Orioles shirt last night and said we are wearing it for the next two weeks. I am still getting positive OPKs, even this morning, which I take as a good sign. Maybe I hadnt quite ovulated yet as of Tuesday morning, the morning of the IUI that didnt. But who the fuck knows, I certainly don’t fucking know. Do you? No, you dont!

OK! Let’s not-know together for the next two weeks, shall we?


4 Responses to “You Must Be Nervous”

  1. Angie said

    You are a warrior woman.

  2. Carrie said

    It never occurred to me, until last post and this one, that an IUI would hurt. My wife and I are planning to start trying soon (maybe this month!) and have meet with a fertility doctor about IUI. He made it sound so simple. I’m so glad to hear the details from you, because I think going into something that painful without a clue would be traumatic.

    I’m so impressed with your strength and hope that there is a tiny Orioles fan heading your way.

  3. Ms. Loaf said

    I agree, you are a rock star. Glad you got Awesome Lady this time! Midwives rock.

  4. Nicole said

    Ok, the pain still sucks, but THANK GOD you got someone who at least has half an ounce of compassion, and maybe a brain as well. I’m sorry this is so physically painful. The emotional pain is enough without all the rest.

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