Tomorrow Is Go Time

May 9, 2010

For those of you that do a trigger shot and then two IUIs, what’s your IUI timing?


3 Responses to “Tomorrow Is Go Time”

  1. liberationtheory said

    I haven’t done two IUIs (with the RE) but wanted to wish you much luck!

  2. MamaDeux said

    We did trigger, wait 48 hrs, IUI #1, then another 24 hrs, IUI #2. We read a lot of different tips…wait longer between the IUIs, for instance, so you’ve got swimmers waiting for the egg and swimmers shot in there after the egg is released. But our RE believed in back-to-back IUIs, and the time we got pregnant, that’s what we did.

    • mrsbasement said

      Nobody at the clinic seemed very into discussing timing with any thoughtfulness. The doctor, the third one I’ve met so far, just kind of looked at me, like a lump. He even made a comment like, “Well, luckily, there’s only 1 egg,” indicating that he assumed I was on Clomid and therefore didnt even look at my chart and I was like, “Yeah, I’m not on Clomid.” So, we are doing IUI #1 at 24 hours and IUI#2 at 48. And it occurred to me that doctors and nurses are, like, “on the ground”; They just do what they do. It’s more of a research mind that debates the merits of 24 vs. 30 hours. So, that’s it. There’s no right answer I’m gonna get from my current resources.

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