The Star of the Show

May 7, 2010

Welcome to my perfect, empty uterus. Behold the fallopian tubes, the Champs Elysees of fallopian tubes, they are so free and clear. This is it. My never-before-seen reproductive tract. HSG complete, diagnosis: awesome. The relief, but mostly the picture, are well worth 425.00 bucks.

Dr. Hugs even told me a story about his soccer-playing, MIT-graduating daughter who got a concussion, asked for hardcopies of her MRI and made a collage. All of his references to our hugging problem were appropriate and appropriately timed.

And he was fast. Super fast.

In and out, as the saying goes.

Ordered sperms yesterday. Ultrasound and trigger Monday.


4 Responses to “The Star of the Show”

  1. Ms. Loaf said

    So this is good, right? I need to learn more about lesbian pregnancy. I’m determined to become a Childbirth Educator for Queers. Cuz that shit is way too heteronormative.

    Fingers crossed for you from Logan!

  2. starrhillgirl said

    Yay. I was told it’s good to have an HSG under your belt. So to speak. I’m glad it was all clear and reasonably easy. I’m a little jealous of your pictures. I only got those from my polyp removal.

    Ms. Loaf, we need more birth everything for queers – go on with your bad self.

  3. Sarah said

    Such good news. You hang that pic somewhere special. Here’s to the spermies having a slip n slide in there now. Your egg won’t know what hit her. xo

  4. MamaDeux said

    Wow! So happy for you guys. The Champs Elysees of fallopian tubes, lol. I love it.

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