Bullets About Illness and Relationship

May 2, 2010

— I have strange skin afflictions going on right now. (Spider bite? Poison ivy? Both?) One of them is on the bottom of my foot so that I feel like I am walking on a cotton ball

— Wifebian has a cold

— The dog is not sick

— The floor is no place for clean laundry; Bad relationship

— Clearly, seeing Mother and Child would turn my two eyes into oranges for the purposes of making juice (with industrial equipment, not by hand.)

— Wifebian and I purchased the new Storycorps book “Mom” and we are each decorating our respective inside covers with pictures from childhood via gel transfer; This is major kid points we’re talking about here.

— Appointment with fertility doctor Monday. Because he already shares his last name with a fruit, it’s going to be special fun making up his blog name


2 Responses to “Bullets About Illness and Relationship”

  1. Angie said

    I’ve been thinking about picking up “Mom” for my mom. You’ll have to let all of us know how you like it.

    As always… thinking of you, the wife and your little bean.

  2. Angie said

    p.s. I love your baltimore blog roll. i’m thinking we should have a meeting of the minds!

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