Lesbian Magic

April 26, 2010

Among the reasons why I got pregnant this month, if I did, include ritual and happenstance. Me and a friend did a pregnancy ritual. Each of us, in our cities, at the same time, lit candles and thought baby thoughts while texting. My baby altar consisted of a seashell, a gum wrapper, and a beer bottle on a red step stool. Wifebian’s fireworks boxer briefs were draped over the stool.

There were also two chocolate wrappers on the stool. The day after we inseminated, we were eating some chocolates, the kind with various and sundry messages printed on the inside of the wrapper. We each selected a chocolate and said that we would put the wrapper with the saying most favorable for baby-making on the altar. Turns out we both drew out a chocolate wrapped in the same saying: “Try something new.”

And finally, one of the sperm vials was marked with Wifebian’s birth month and day. (Also, placed on the altar.)

I mean, come on!

From the longings of motherhood to the bean counting of bodily functions through the esoterics of trinkets  we go.

In another feat of ambivalent flexibility, the next post will be titled “All the Reasons It Will Be Totally Awesome If I’m Not Pregnant”.


2 Responses to “Lesbian Magic”

  1. MamaDeux said

    I love it. The boxers, good touch!

  2. Nicole said

    Chocolate definitely has magic powers, so I think for sure this will work. If it does, are you then a Magic Lesbian? Because just think of all the good (and evil) you can do with that.

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