A Milestone

April 21, 2010

I applied for my Medicaid provider number today. And I signed a bunch of papers saying I have been perfect and good and honest in every way since forever, that they can call any person, place or thing they want in order to verify the veracity of my statements and that if it turns out that I’m not perfect, good and honest in every way since forever they can mark me with some sort of scarlet letter for a longer period of time than I was reportedly perfect, good and honest but not actually.

Considering I’m a pretty upstanding, ethical moral kind of person, I shouldnt hate these forms. But being licensed and then getting some national enumerator number and then getting a medicaid number . . . kind of makes me feel accountable and trapped. Like, if I make a mistake, my entire career will come crashing down around my ears. Other people can commit forgery*, drink and drive*, or shoplift*, or trespass*, or fuck in a park*, or spray paint shit*, knowing that they can basically get up the next morning and run that register or bill that invoice or paint that road.

But not me.  Anymore.

*done that, that, that, done that, would like to keep doing that, done that


2 Responses to “A Milestone”

  1. Nicole said

    Congrats! If only you lived in NYC. I’d love to refer pretty much all my Medicaid-having clients to you. Clearly you could give them some tips on how to engage in illegal activities and still have a successful career. They could use that!

  2. mrsbasement said


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