I Love How It Sounds Like “Pupa”

April 19, 2010

I am either getting pregnant or getting sick.

What’s the difference between heartburn and indigestion? Is indigestion the bigger category and heartburn the sub category? I think I was pregnant on Sunday and sick on Monday. Sunday, I had that dream and I felt ever so slightly queezy and burpy, with a lump in my throat or tightness in my chest almost all day. And I was basically positive that I was pregnant. I went into two baby stores with zero ambivalence or trepidation. It was like walking on inconsequential sunshine. A big fat PUPO was me. Today, Monday, everything just felt like allergies with a side of burpy. My nose was runny. Or was it . . . pregnancy rhinitis?

Testing. I surged on the 13th, so let’s say I ovulated on the 14th. Ten day test lands on Saturday. I have a doctor’s appointment at the fertility clinic on Friday afternoon, should I just ask for a blood test, if insurance will cover it? Wifebian says she wants a blood test because she wants to be sure.

Isn’t that cute, how she wants to be sure about something? Very cute.

Called the HSA today. They cover shipping. This is the second person who has told me they cover everything, but the first person whose information I have taken down. We have more than enough money left for another try in May and if we kick in 80 bucks of our own, we can order a total of six 1 cc vials. Assuming we could do two IUIs of 3 ccs, I think that would be a fitting finale to this round of baby-making.

Unless of course I’m getting pregnant right now at this very moment.


8 Responses to “I Love How It Sounds Like “Pupa””

  1. LPC said

    Just for random data, my first signs for my pregnancies was a haunting taste of metal in my mouth. Could not eat salad dressing. I think it’s different for everyone. But still, anecdotal data is data of a sort.

  2. I’ll try to refrain from telling you you’re pregnant. But I will say that those symptoms sounded very much like my real, non-IPS symptoms. I can only say that it was non-IPS because I didn’t have that horrible cold during any other try. And my cold coincided around what must have been implantation day. I can’t wait to hear the outcome!!

    What cycle day are you right now?

  3. Today, Tuesday, is CD 25. Supposed to get my period on Friday according to FF, but I ovulated 3-4 days late, so if I get my period Friday, then I will have only had a luteal phase of 9 days. I probably ovulated CD 19. OMG. None of that makes any sense even to me, but its all a true story!

  4. Oh no! I dont know what IPS means! But I think what youre saying is good! Fill me in ;}

  5. mrsbasement said

    Imaginary Pregnancy Symptoms! This — http://www.babysnark.com/glossary/glossary.asp — is a comprehensive glossary!

  6. Wow, sounds promising! Good luck!

    One question: Isn’t 3 cc a LOT, like an ocean of jizz? I mean, if you’re saving $$, doesn’t a single cc do the job? I did IUI so it might be different, but I had an average sameple size of 0.4 cc. Sadly, I do not remember how much came out of actually unfrozen men from back when I did those things…

    Also that link above– if you follow it, and then click on the link in the “IPS” entry– you get taken to the Dianetics homepage. You know, of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology? Say, what?

  7. According to the Sperm Banks of California the average ejaculate is 2 cc. Maybe we could do two IUIs of 2 ccs each and then an at home vaginal insem of 2 ccs. Doing three “big insems” isnt so much about amount as it is about timing, since timing is the big unknowable. We just dont have enough money to pay for a whole nother month of shipping. As far as the link, maybe it’s some inside joke about Scientology that we would love to know.

  8. Kinzie said

    Re: your comment — not short for anything, my parents just got clever and adapted McKenzie into something they liked more! Glad you’re enjoying the link and I think I might add you to my blog roll, if that’s alright. And I hope you’re pregnant and not sick, definitely! Good luck and keep the blog world posted!

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