April 16, 2010

Hair: Greasy

Your Mother: Queer

Your Father: Supple

Fav Food: All

Dream Last Night: Faded

Fav Drink: Water

What room are you in?: Living Room

Hobby: Writing

Fear: Unhappiness

Where were you last night?: My head

Something that you aren’t: Content

Muffins: Absolutely

Wish List Item: Sandals

Where you grew up: Columbia

What you are wearing: Jeans

Your Pet: Perfect

Friends: Far

Something you’re not wearing: clean socks

Fav Store: the Gap

Fav Color: Purple

Last time you laughed: 15 minutes ago

Your Best Friend: Far

Best Place you go over and over: Driver’s seat

Person who you email regularly: Gay Sperm Man

Fav Place to Eat: My head


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