Dozens and Dozens of Raw Steaks

April 1, 2010

There is some sort of meme-fever occurring and I’ve been memed twice in one week, this time by Bionic Mamas. It’s just that now, I’ve had two double chocolate stouts, so, I will participate appropriately.

Well, mostly.

Instructions are to do 7 interesting facts about yourself. Except I did interesting me-stuff already, so this time I’m going to do interesting Wifebian stuff. Also, the other instructions are to nomiate 7 other bloggers that you love. OK, except I’m going to nominate 7 non-ttc blogs and see what happens.

After all, it’s spring. Time for some cross-pollination.

1.) Wifebian was born in Greenville, SC and raised in a suburb of New York City. When she is feeling especially boyish, her little NY accent comes out, and while I hate to encourage any delusions of street-ness, it actually thrills me a little.

2.) Wifebian had an only-slightly more storied childhood than I. Basically, her dad, who had a heart attack before she could meet him, was probably gay and had 2 children by another woman before he met her mom. Also, he spent most of her childhood in jail because he robbed a bank.

3.) Wifebian has interstitial cystitis and PCOS. I’ve read a lot about lesbian ladies with PCOS trying to conceive, but interstitial cystitis? What kind of crisis would delivery send her into?

4.) At the age of 21, my wife’s parents stopped paying for college because they didnt like who she was dating, so she had to take a year off , and then work her way through her junior and senior year. Cajones!

5.) At the age of 25, my wife managed a 100-person law firm while they transitioned their files from physical to digital. That whole balls thing, again

6.) Wifebian is a really great collage artist. Like, technically good in terms of craft and also great in terms of content and aesthetic. In this one collage, you see a meat locker with pig upon pig hanging from hook upon hook and, if you look closely, you notice that one of those pigs is actually a little boy and you get a little chill. One time, she made me a mixed CD decorated with pictures of dozens and dozens of raw steaks.

7.) My wife’s face is from NYC, her hands from Iowa, her mind is from DC , and her heart is from California. She is stunning, generous, sharp-as-a-tack and loving beyond measure. That, and she introduced me to Buddhism and BDSM. What more can a girl ask for?!

I tag Lesbian Dad, Trench Warfare, Accordions and Lace, Privilege, I Am Not Afraid of Winter, Alpha Femme and Quaker Queries, which I’ve never read until just this moment when I googed the name of a blog I wished existed.

Also, do you know any good photography blogs?

Happy Spring.


3 Responses to “Dozens and Dozens of Raw Steaks”

  1. Nicole said

    As always, you’re a rock star with the bizarre and interesting facts. I’m already having nightmares about #6 and I’ve never even seen it.

  2. Sarah said

    Ah, you make me love love.

  3. LPC said

    As one of your subscribers and fans I am completely flattered that you thought of me. Thank you.

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