Happy Easter!

March 31, 2010

So, today, at the staff meeting, our supervisor told us that someone has been coming into the building and going into people’s offices and putting, like, crosses and other symbols on their things, in oil.

I mean, I dont even know how to explain it, really. Like, how to make that sentence less complicated.

So, somebody. Who has a key and knows the security code. Has. On more than one occasion, used some oily substance to write crosses — and other symbols — onto people’s chairs, desks and computer monitors.

Seriously? On more than one occasion? To more than one person? Really?

Lest you forget or are new to the blog, I’m a social worker. The office is big. There are 50 social workers in the agency who run around all day to clients’ houses and schools and maybe 12 administrative staff back at the office along with the conference rooms and copiers and client charts. But, it’s not one of the social workers who’s doing it because we don’t have the keys to offices.

It’s funny, because you know that joke? About how helping professionals are all actually crazy? I have. And I’ve always been kinda confused about it. I mean, OK. Maybe we are quirky. Maybe we have stronger personalities than normal. I mean, maybe there are more abuse survivors among us, than say, among insurance adjusters or fork lift operators. But I’ve never really encountered genuinely dysfunctional, truly ill behavior in the workplace. Generally speaking, the helping professionals I’ve met, if they have been through some stuff, are the lucky ones — the white, or rich, or smart, or resilient, or determined ones who have done the work to get better.

I mean, OK, fine, you get off work and drink like a fish while fucking everything that moves? Fine. You get off work and work from home after working on the weekends with only your cat to keep you company? Fine. Unhealthy, but not certifiable. But, at this job — bit is shannanas!

Is it because this is the south? Or have I just been lucky so far? Have any of you encountered this level of crazy AT WORK? (Some people say the symbols are slap-dash, like a Jackson Pollack. I’ve heard others say that it was an actual brush or finger applied to the surface.)

I mean, cross-ES painted on computer monitors-SUH?


5 Responses to “Happy Easter!”

  1. metalstork said

    ugh. i feel comfortable saying that yes, it is because it’s the south. also, could it be the cleaning crew? can you call the news and say that jesus is manifesting himself in office chairs? the locals would eat that shit up.

  2. mrsbasement said

    its def. not the cleaning crew! they dont have keys to the offices either!

  3. metalstork said

    it’s an easter miracle! (har har)

  4. Nicole said

    I’m happy to say that although I’ve been a social worker for several years and worked in tons of non-profits with lots of do-gooder types, I’ve NEVER seen anything quite that crazy. Then again, I’ve never lived in the south (except 3 weeks in MS, but that doesn’t count). Hopefully your computer is at lease free from any potential devil invasion 🙂

  5. mrsbasement said

    thats the craziest thing about the shenanigans. I mean, crosses are a good thing, right? even if the perpetrator thinks that the person in question is evil, they *are* trying to *fix* the situation, right? With the crosses?

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