The Things You Only Read About

March 22, 2010

I called my credit card company today because I noticed over the weekend that my APR is 25.99%. The guy said that my APR used to be 7.74 percent, but then, I made a late payment in July and they increased it.

I’m so angry, I could crawl out of my skin.


4 Responses to “The Things You Only Read About”

  1. This happened to us before also. If it’s your first time you should be able to fight them on it and they will remove the charges and restore your prior rate. Good luck!

  2. Um, I thought under the new credit legislation that is no longer legal– or did they hike it back in July? In any case, grrr! I am with you. I used to have a BOA card that had fluctuating due dates, virtually guaranteeing late payments by people like me who never look at statements and pay everything automatically online. I called them to bitch them out and they refused to lower it back to the original (they conceded something like 5%) So I cancelled the card and transferred the balance to a new card. Ugh! Bastards. Then they had the nerve to send me a solicitation saying “We want you back.” Of course you do, mofos.

  3. mrsbasement said

    i asked if there was “any room for negotiation” and they said they werent currently “offering” anything. Wifebian is looking into having my balance transferred onto her card. If that fails, maybe we can look for another card entirely onto which to transfer both our balances. As far as the new legislation, yeah, it happened prior to it.

  4. Debbie said

    Oy that sucks. Here’s a good site for comparing interest rates for a balance transfer: Or maybe they’ll negotiate if you tell them you’re about to transfer your entire balance?

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