Other People’s Children

March 17, 2010

One thermometer says 97.1 and the other says 97.7, confirming once and for all that something is messed up somewhere and that I have been robbed of the satisfaction of seeing a temperature spike even though I surely had one and therefore I am just kind of in the dark until the 28th of March. Just when I was starting to think that conducting a perfect cycle was an accomplishment within my reach . . .

Surci apparently means — you guessed it — souvenir. And it sounds a lot like Xerxes, a name one of my friends wouldve given to her kid if it hadnt been a girl.

Isn’t that nutty? (The translation, not the name.)

OK. Off to worry about other people’s children . . .


One Response to “Other People’s Children”

  1. Debbie said

    F the thermometer. (Sucks that you didn’t get to enjoy a visual of the rise though.) I ovulated about the same time as you did this cycle, and I didn’t see a rise either. 1. The wonk-o-meters can’t be relied upon. 2. I believe Daylight Savings messed with my reading because my temp (and my sleep) was an hour off.

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