Potting to Adopt

March 11, 2010

I’ll be at home for the foreseeable future waiting for the sperm. Wifebian calls the sperm container “R2D2” because thats what it looks like. She is coming up with a great ttc lexicon for the hip lesbian set.

Is it weird that I love the strange plants that are growing in the pot with my potted plants as much as I love my potted plants?

Finally, with the inspiration of some new blogs, I have decided to troll the internets looking for blogs about fostering. So, I’m really exited about Fostering In NYC. From the past 15 minutes of surfing through it (why does Firefox crash every third click?), I gather that the writer is young, single and fostering to adopt a 2 year old. Her writing style is funny and quirky, her posts are off-beat and honest. Like, I can’t explain how I will devour and molest this blog.


One Response to “Potting to Adopt”

  1. Eva said

    🙂 Enjoy the ride. And thanks for the shout. xo

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