Brownie Points

March 9, 2010

Wifebian has devised a new scheme for me. Originally it was “mouse points”, as mouse is my nickname. When I would do nice things like take out the trash or remember to pay a bill, I would earn mouse points, which were redeemable for movies. She was *really* good at always remembering how many mouse points I had amassed.

Well, now, it’s brownie points. Everytime I do something nice to, for or around her mother, I win brownie points. Five brownie points are redeemable for a night off from Sunday night dinner with the family. So far, I have one brownie point because I offered to help Wifebian’s aunt move.

Into Wifebian’s mom’s house.

No sooner than she gets rid of me, than she has to take in her pill-popping big sister. I feel really bad for Wifebian’s mom.

Does that get me a brownie point?


One Response to “Brownie Points”

  1. Nicole said

    Given your history with Wifebian’s mom I think feeling bad for her gets you LOTS of brownie points! Maybe you should send her a card saying “At least you got rid of me first!” 🙂

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