Work It, Wife Baby

March 5, 2010


I really like the pace of the routine that trying to conceive a baby creates. Nothing lasts more than a week, so I’m always a little excited for what’s next and a little grateful that last part is over. On my period? Grateful that I finally know I’m not pregnant, excited to drink! The week after my period? Grateful my period is done, excited to inseminate! Cycle week 3? Grateful that the stress of timing that shit is over with, excited to be pregnant!

Cycle week 4. That’s a hard one actually. By this point, I’ve pretty much known I’m not pregnant and I’m stressing about how much digital *everything* costs and if I should test and how much I want a fucking beer.  So . . . grateful that I am one month closer to knowing my fate (for the time being) and excited to . . . drink? Can I be excited to drink two weeks in a row?

In other baby-making news, on Thursday, we will order 4 sperm shots on liquid nitrogen to be delivered Saturday. the gay sperm man won’t really give me any information about buying or ordering a catheter because I might accidentally perform an IUI and our donor’s sperm shots are unwashed. Gay sperm man is really not trying to empower me at all. I mean, it’s great to keep this whole ttc thing “in the family”, but what’s it matter if your “family” is anti-feminist and refuses to explain RISKS and BENEFITS so you can make YOUR OWN decisions?

So, if I were to follow my own advice, I would bully him for the information I need and just get my supplies elsewhere. Or maybe I’ll go to a medical supply store and figure it out myself. I have to track down some Pre-Seed anyway. I should say that he is sending a speculum I asked for. I also asked if they came in pink — I wrote the word pink in the color pink and everything — but he ignored the question. He just said that he would do it, and was sure to add that he has never done it before.  This strikes me as irritating. But maybe I’m reading too much into. OK . . . probably.

Finally, I’ve lost both BB thermometers! Really? Both?


Wifebian and I have also fallen into a nice routine. My client caseload has shifted and we have most evenings together. We watch a made-for-cable drama, read some poems, tease and snuggle and go to bed. I love going to bed.


I had a conversation with my boss yesterday and it would appear that there is no doubt that I will get the raise that goes with my license. Hey. You remember that weird co-worker I mentioned? He was fired the third week of November after making veiled threats toward me. And, except for those phone calls he made to clients asking if they would support him in a law suit, he was never heard from again. Also, I will know by March 22nd if I am licensed. Finally, I found a program called the National Health Service Corps, which will pay more than 50,000 dollars of my commercial student loans in exchange for two years of service in a health professional shortage area. Not that I need another variable in my life, but I could erase about 60,000 dollars of debt in the next two and a half years so . . . let the variance begin!


5 Responses to “Work It, Wife Baby”

  1. My wife was looking into that program too. You social workers are just totally unddercompensated for all the work you do. My fingers are crossed for both good TTC news and good LSW news!

  2. You can buy plastic specula on amazon, just fyi. not sure if they come in colors, though! the ones i got were clear.

  3. wifebian said

    i like out routine too. what happens if you get unwashed sperm in … uh …. side? infection?

  4. metalstork said

    we got our speculum on ebay and were able to get the syringe without a catheter (and let me say, it’s not long) right up on the os.

    really, don’t get unwashed sperm in the uterus. put it right on the os. we practiced with the speculum the whole week before (yes, there was crying) until red felt comfortable that she could get it in and out without disturbing any of the goods. the speculum we ordered came with one preseed sample that we were able to use for both icis.

  5. Shaw-Jiun Chalitsios-Wang said

    Best luck on the next insem. Even better with a rise and a LSW license!

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