February 27, 2010

A fourth morning of high temps, but Dr. Googs cannot tell me why my would temperature would stay high if I am not pregnant. Breasts continue to be totally unsore which is totally abnormal for me and there is more cramping. No other signs, like urination or tender breasts or anything. Out of my six scattershot charts, I was temping on CD one only once and I was at 98.1 on that day, so maybe I’m within my normal limits and just dont know it. I’ve only temped this far into my cycle on one occasion.

Last night, I dreamed that Wifebian and I were looking for a place to live that was rent-free since we were pregnant and needed to cut costs.

This morning I read about how its the slow girl sperms that tend to fertilize the egg if you inseminate very early.

I also learned some new heterosexual ttc abbreviations. As you can imagine, different groups of people need different acronyms for this process and apparently, some straight people need an acronym for the phrase “do the dance” which means “have intercourse” if you hadn’t gathered. There is also the acronym “BD”, but I didnt have the heart to click on that one and find out what it meant.


4 Responses to “98.2”

  1. LPC said

    This exciting. If not this time, next time. Or the time after. Thank you for putting this on the Internet.

  2. meridith said

    I hate to tell you this. It stands for baby dance. I apologize to all of mankind.

  3. I’m a little embarrassed to say that even knowing what BD stands for, I still don’t understand what it means…!

  4. Mrs. Cockrill said

    So glad to be finally up on your activieties. I lurked on some TTC websites during my graduate studies. I was working for a professor who studied assisted reproduction. I learned all about the BD’s and between the women and their DH’s. I learned about the 2 week wait. It’s exciting to read your blog and have some of the acronyms of my graduate work come back up! Can wifebian be your DWB?

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I went to this feely-touchy meeting of abortion providers recently. Mostly clinic owners, not doctors. Many of whom were lesbians in their 50’s with children who are now in their late teens and early 20’s. Oh Mrs. Basement (or Mrs. 2-Bedroom-On-Credit-Card), I wish you could have been there. Sitting in the hot tub with these ladies, I heard many happy and surprising stories of becoming a lesbian mommy BITD (that’s back in the day).

    One woman would call up her donor when she was ovulating to tell him to get started. By the time she had arrived (having driven 30 miles like a bat out of hell) he would have a fresh batch of sperm in a mason jar. She’d drive the 30 miles back to the house (jar between her legs for warmth) and then inseminate. After 3 times…voila. A single lesbian mommy. She said that her parents had a hard time adjusting…but now that her father is older…he’s become so sweet on her and her son. She hears “I love you” all the time.

    I miss you…and am sending you warm wishes.

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