I Am So Totally Pregnant

February 25, 2010

Some reasons why I am so totally pregnant:

1.) NO prementrual symptoms. No breast tenderness. No cramps.

2.) My temps have been at ovulatory levels for two days. Is that a word? Ovulatory?

3.) And I keep having these little twinges on both sides of my ute. Nice little, strong little twinges. Three of them.

Must be triplets.

Good thing I dont have any pregnancy tests in the house; I can stay so totally pregnant for another couple of days.


5 Responses to “I Am So Totally Pregnant”

  1. Nicole said

    Yes you are! I’ll totally join your cheering section. And rumor has it that no signs can be good signs, so take it as such. Fingers continue to be crossed…

  2. Me said

    When are you testing? Hoping for you guys!

  3. Debbie said

    Let it be true!

  4. EMQ said

    Take a blasted test woman!!!! Sorry, I get impatient…love you!

  5. I’m sending mega good vibes!!!

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