Lists in a Time of Triumph

February 24, 2010

I passed!

Next steps:

Get paid

Take ethics course on-line ($50.00)

Get money order for $100.00

Gather up borrowed materials

Find P-LCSW acceptance letter

Find stamps

Find envelopes

Give materials and P-LCSW letter to clinical supervisor

Complete LCSW application with clinical supervisor

Place it in the envelope

Stamp it

Mail application

Wait for the board to approve my license, while giving myself 1,000 kisses all over

Receive license in the mail

Take license to work

Give license to my supervisor

Ask for a fucking raise

Get a fucking raise

Wave goodbye to the financial nightmare that was moving to . . . this place


12 Responses to “Lists in a Time of Triumph”

  1. Nicole said

    CONGRATS! I had no doubt you’d pass but what a relief. Maybe you can give me some tips when it’s my turn in September!

  2. mrsbasement said

    you are amazing!

  3. Mina said

    Good for you! :0)

  4. Boo said

    Damn, I am impressed! Congrats on passing (and on your excellent raise too).

  5. Debbie said

    Yay! Congratulations! Very proud of you.

  6. Me said

    Way to go!!!!

  7. oregonamy1972 said


  8. dangerjane said

    WOOHOO!! 😀

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