Cash Back, Flashcards and Some Blue Moons

February 23, 2010

Tomorrow I take a test that will cost me three hundred bucks and four hours. Passing it gives me the opportunity for a big raise and/or the right to practice social work in people’s homes for cold, hard cash.

It’s just that I’m not a big studier.

Er, study-er. For example, I just made 20 flash cards. Only 12 hours before the test. Also, I have taken two practice tests. I got a 70 on one and an 80 on another. (One needs an 80 to pass.) Finally, I’m on my third beer.

Lest you think I am irresponsible, I am also about to take some ibuprofen.

And I visited the testing site today to make sure that I won’t get lost (only because a client ended up canceling) and I found out that I need to have $3.00 to park. Which led to me to the Rite-Aid . . . for some cash back . . . and flashcards. (And, a six pack of Blue Moon.)

Here’s the thing: this is how I am. irregularly prepared and flagrantly irresponsible. Intelligent and conscientious about the hows and whys to a fault in the day to day, hopefully preparing me over the course of three years to take this test, rather than the final three months. I may or may not have documentation of my 40 CEUs and I sure as hell dont look forward to the conversation in which I explain that Wifebian has to pay extra rent because I will be spending $150.00 on the application fee and my last five CEUs, but hey.

Also, my library books are overdue and I ate fast food for two out of the last three meals, but I’m probably gonna pass this test anyway. That’s usually how it goes, unless I’m taking statistics for graduate school, in which case it doesnt.

But if I don’t, pass it, that is, it will cost me 90 days and $750.00 (test fee plus continued supervisor fees), which sux, but probably won’t make the world grind to grinding halt, either.

This is how I am. And I’m tired of feeling bad about it.

Goodnight! Good luck! Good riddance!

Actually, I’m excited to take it.


9 Responses to “Cash Back, Flashcards and Some Blue Moons”

  1. Mina said

    Best of luck to you! I hope you pass!

  2. A. said

    Bon courage, lady!

  3. metalstork said

    Break a leg!

  4. Erin said

    Good luck! Me too (statistics in grad school)!

  5. meridith said

    Of course you’ll do it, you’ve already done all the hard work – this is just a formality!

  6. Best of luck! As a social work drop out…turned communication major… I remember looking at the material for these exams and I think most courses are setup to have future testing information saturated through the actual course work. I am sure you will do wonderfully. On a side note: those blue moons sound fantastic!

  7. oregonamy1972 said

    Good luck to you!

  8. Me said

    Sending smart girl vibes your way. Blue Moon is the perfect way to spend a study evening!

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