February 22, 2010

Wifebian and I came back from a little jaunt to our previous city where we spent a great weekend with some very raunchy, loud, and fantastic friends.

Two of those friends are straight and are planning to start ttc in the next few months. They were head over heels curious to ask Wifebian and I all about everything as it relates to the lesbian world of trying to conceive. In general, people are always so astounded and awestruck to hear about the things we have to go through. They say things like, “Oh my God, I could not handle that.” That makes me feel really awesome. Seriously. Like, yes, I *am* doing this ridiculously difficult thing, aren’t I?

And also, people really dont know a lot about getting pregnant. At first, I was like, you’re straight! Dont you know about this stuff? Aren’t All Things Sperm imprinted on that frantic mind of yours since it’s been locked in an eternal battle against unplanned pregnancy for the past 15 years?

Then, I was like, wow — maybe I just know a lot of stuff. I mean, lady-friends, we are teaching one another an ass-load of very valuable information. We have this knowledge-base that most people don’t even know they could have. Who knew?!

So, what I’m saying is. We are working really hard. And we know a lot of stuff.

Let’s be amazed by ourselves for a moment, shall we?


6 Responses to “Auto-Amazement”

  1. Loaf said

    The amount of stuff straight people can take for granted pisses me off sometimes, because you are so right. We have to work hard and learn about all this stuff. I’m always amazed at how little people I’m friends with know or bother to learn….

    Go you for your knowing of the stuff and the hard working!

  2. MWK said

    I am certainly amazed by you!

  3. Erin said

    I am continuously amazed at how much we all do know as we navigate this process. I astound myself rattling off terms and information to others about TTC!

    We ARE all working really hard and we deserve tons of kudos!!

  4. TTC Friend said

    For the record, you have been teaching me lots of things about a multitude of subjects for fifteen years. You’re just a smart lady. And a good friend. And I heart you.

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