Tales of an Awful Egg Lady

February 16, 2010

Wifebian and I attended an information session about me becoming a egg donor. I know it sounds a little crazy. I was moved by the payment, I still have that nutty credit card bill to contend with. But also, I was interested by the opportunity to get to know an outfit that I might have to use for my own fertility in the future, not to mention the option of getting lots of free sonograms, pelvic exams and tests — the MMPI! And, if I had any fertility problems, screening for egg donation might catch some.

It’s a no-go, though. After taxes, I would only get $3,000 and the work involved, as well as the medical risks, dont seem to be worth $3,000. I wish I could do a breakdown to actually find out what the wage would be per hour. Also, the “3rd party coordinator” was a hag. We called her the egg lady. She knocked everybody rom the facility, to the potential donors and even the recipients, in subtle and not so subtle ways.  She said things like, “While you are under my control . . . ” over and over to a room full of potential donors and made comments about the psychology of some of her recipients.

The other reason I’m not going to do it might also have something to do with the fact that Wifebian is rabidly against it.

Anyway, it gave me some insight into what my IVF blogger friends are going through when it comes to needles and schedules; woah.

In terms of that whole *me* trying to conceive thing, I’ve gotten back into a good rhythm with temping. I read somewhere that you can put your fingers into your own vagina and reach up to wipe cervical fluid away from the sides of your cervix. I mean, I’ve fisted and fingered my fare share of ladies, but I just can’t imagine being able to do actually reach my own cervix on my own. That doesnt even sound feasible. Maybe it’s different for every/body, but I’m definitely going to get around to trying. Anyway, that’s my thing. I’m very pleased with my cycle length and my temperatures and all that, but I think I have crappy cervical mucous. I need to order me that speculum, and I’m liking the sound of that book –Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

I’m also technically in the two week wait, but I might as well not be. Tonight Wifebian let me have two sips of her chocolate stout and I said, “The only reason you’re letting me drink this is because you dont think I’m pregnant,” and she said, “Yup.”


3 Responses to “Tales of an Awful Egg Lady”

  1. I am all for speculum use, reading Taking Charge, and CM monitoring. As you’ll read in the book, you probably don’t have to get ALL the way up to your cervix to get a gander at your mucus. You can just stick a finger or two up in there. Some days (your most fertile) you probably won’t even have to do that–it’ll just be pouring out. Fun times!

  2. Vikki said

    As for that sip of alcohol, everyone I know drank when they thought they weren’t pregnant and ended up being pregnant. So, I say, “Drink up!” Drinking too much has ended in many a straight woman knocked up – maybe it will work for our kind too 😉

  3. […] to which the sperms were, in fact, delivered. I recognize this address as belonging to the local infertility clinic. I chuckle, to myself. He apologizes, […]

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